What We Do

Interior Painting

People are always amazed at how painting a room can refresh your house. Painting is the easiest, quickest and most affordable way to renovate your home. A quality paint job starts with quality paint. AJC Pro Painting uses high quality paint to ensure quality work that will last for years. If you are having trouble choosing what colours work best in your home, AJC Pro Painting is more than happy to assist you with colour selection. We are associated with expert decorators who can guide you to choosing colours to make your home shine.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting in Calgary’s unpredictible climate generally runs from May until October. We recognize that every house has different exteriors including: aluminium siding; stucco; wooden shingles; wooden siding; cedar siding and many others. Some exteriors require paint and others stain. We can accommodate any exterior on your house.

Drywall Repair

Drywall repair and painting go hand in hand. Walls receive wear and tear over time and we can fix anything from the smallest touch-up to the largest hole, as well as any new drywall that needs to be installed. Scrathes, dents, dings, holes, cracks, patches and other imperfections should all be fixed prior to painting. Nothing is too big or too small to be fixed.

Stipple Ceiling Painting

Stipple (Popcorn) ceilings, or knockdown ceilings look great and add a nice look to any home, however they do fade over time and require painting. Most people don’t recognize how faded their ceilings are until after they are painted. People are always amazed at how painting their ceilings refresh and brighten their home. We understand that you may want your ceilings painted and not your walls. That is not a problem as we can paint only your ceiling without damaging or getting paint on your walls.

Ceiling Texturing

Textured ceilings sometimes need to be repaired due to water damage, or other renovations that may be taking place. We can repair any damaged ceiling and then re-texture to blend it in with the existing ceiling. We also texture ceilings that have never been textured before such as new home construction, or basement developments.